Skiller 4


kamush Skiller 4

The only such laboratory equipment. Magnetic stirrer and heating block at the same time. 4-station magnetic single-station magnetic stirrer, small temperature controller (max 75oC) makes the device very compact. The device is used in incubation / heating and simultaneous mixing. It can be used in chemical and life science laboratories. The device is particularly recommended for synthesis on a solid polymer carrier using Kamysz vessels or as a concentrator / evaporator base for concentration of samples under a nitrogen atmosphere (Kamush SKILLER 4e model).

The device is available with the followig types of aluminum blocks for vessels / test tubes:

  • With 4 holes for 16 mm diameter
  • With 4 holes for 22 mm diameter
  • Mixed with 2 holes for 16 mm diameter and 2 holes for 22 mm diameter



heating clamp

Kamysz vessel (EUIPO nr 002753277-0001) and the method of its use in the synthesis with the device Skiller.


peptide synthesis

The efficiency of heat transfer through the heating clamp and Kamush Skiller 1. Vessels filled with 10 mL of DMF.

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