kamush Skillers

peptide sythesizer
peptide synthesis

The unique laboratory equipment. Magnetic stirrer and heating block incorpared. Heating element in plastic casing enables to observe the content of the vessel. The single- or multi-station magnetic stirrer in miniature size. Small temperature controller makes the device very compact.

The device is used in incubation/heating and simultaneous mixing. It can be used in chemical and life science laboratories.

  • Available in 3 models and with options
  • Heat to 75°C

kamush skiller 1
kamush skiller 4
kamush skiller 4e
Skiller 1 Skiller 4 Skiller 4e
Heating Up to 75°C Up to 75°C Up to 75°C
Stirring 300-999 rpm 300-999 rpm 300-999 rpm
Vessel(s) diameter 40 mm
(other via adapters)
4 x 22 mm or 4 x 16 mm or mixed (2 x 22 mm and 2 x 16 mm)
Other Adapters available With integrated evaporator
Cat. KS1BS - black/steel
KS1BW - blue/white paint
KS4BS22 - 22 mm black/steel
KS4BW22 - 22 mm blue/white paint
KS4BS16 - 16 mm black/steel
KSBW16 - 16 mm blue/white paint
KS4EBS - black/steel
KS4EBW - blue/white paint

Adapters for Kamush Skiller 1

  • Optional reduction adapters for use in Kamush Skiller 1 only

Cat. Article
KS29A 29 mm adapter
KS22A 22 mm adapter
KS16A 16 mm adapter
vessel adapters

heating clamp

Kamysz vessel (EUIPO nr 002753277-0001) and the method of its use in the synthesis with the device Skiller.

peptide synthesis

The efficiency of heat transfer through the heating clamp and Kamush Skiller 1. Vessels filled with 10 mL of DMF.

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Skiller 1
peptide synthesizer
peptide synthesis

Skiller 4
peptide synthesizer
peptide synthesis

Skiller 4e
peptide synthesizer
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