Polypropylene vessels for peptide synthesis with filter

polypropylene vessels

Special offer for polypropylene vessels (disposable reaction vessels, syringes for SPPS) and accessories

Amount Price for 1 pc (EUR)
6 ml/6mm LL*
(PPV006, PPV006L)
12 ml/12 ml LL*
(PPV012, PPV012L)
24 ml/24 ml LL*
(PPV024, PPV024L)
1-10 1.2 1.5 2
>10 1 1.3 1.6

In solid-phase peptide synthesis use the maximum amount of resin (0.3,0.5, 1g) to the appropriate syringes (6,12 or 24ml).

LL* - luer lock

luer lock

We offer also other polypropylene vessels/reactors and accessories

  • (PPV003) 3 ml-syringe – 1 EUR/pc
  • (PPV060) 60 ml-syringe – 5 EUR/pc
  • (PPC010a) caps type A - 3 EUR/10 pcs
  • (PPC010b) caps type B - 2 EUR/10 pcs
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