Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography FPLC Lucjan II (gradient)


Device description:

Simple to use, low-pressure FPLC chromatograph (max. pressure level about 4 bar. System is based on two peristaltic pumps and UV detector. Device is equipped with control unit with LP-Chrom software (version for FPLC).


Chromatograph can be used during simple laboratory work in gradient systems (ie. salt or pH gradient, affinity chromatography). It is especially recommended for peptide and protein purification. 

  • Peptides desalting
  • Purification of proteins and peptides

Technical parameters:

  • Flow rate: system of two peristaltic pumps 0-50 ml/min (in options 250ml/min)
  • Detector: 254 nm (in options DAD 200-600nm)
  • Voltage: 110-230V

Kit content:

  • FPLC chromatograph with 2 pumps
  • Detector
  • Tablet with LP-Chrom software (version for FPLC)
  • Power supply wiring system
  • User manual


  • Dispenser with loop injector
  • Base (stainless steel) with 2 rods for column mounting
  • Glass chromatography column
  • Fraction collector (3 models are available)
  • Free-standing stand  for chromatography column
  • Computer or laptop as a control unit

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