Jacketed vessels

jacketed vessel
jacketed vessel

All our laboratory vessels are handmade from high-quality borosilicate glass 3.3. They are equipped with a glass valves with a teflon (PTFE) stopcocks and porous glass filters (G2 porosity). We produce also other vessels in accordance with the customer's guidelines.

Jacketed vessels for solid phase synthesis

Cat. volume (ml) X (mm) Y (mm) thread price * (EUR)
PVT0005 5 65 12 GL14 170
PVT0010 10 70 16 GL18 170
PVT0025 25 100 20 GL25 175
PVT0050 50 100 28 GL32 175
PVT0100 100 100 40 GL45 200
PVT0150 150 150 40 GL45 215

*price with cap
**availability 2 weeks

Note: Sizes may vary among different production lots of the same item. For exact sizes please contact us.

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