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Device description:

Semi-automatic device which allows to concentrate samples before further analysis. It is possible thanks to use of evaporation under nitrogen atmosphere and dry heating block. The solvent is removed by gas blowing and heating. 

Concentrator parameters:

  • Manual lowering of the gas supply needles with system protecting against uncontrolled needles bending,
  • Heating block adapted to samples vessels, working temperature +5 RT to 75 degC (in option to 105 degC),
    50 degC after 5 min, 75 degC after 10 min
  • External rotameter for smooth control of the gas flow in range 0-25 l/min,
  • Dimensions:
    Height- 32 cm (without rotameter)
    Basis- 12x20 cm
    Head regulation- 12 cm
    Heating block for 96-well plate
  • Weight: 4.4 kg