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Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography FPLC Lucjan (isocratic)


Device description:

Simple to use, low-pressure FPLC chromatograph (max. pressure level about 4 bar). System is based on peristaltic pumps and UV detector. Device is equipped with control unit and LP-Chrom software (version for FPLC).


Chromatograph is dedicated to simple laboratory work, especially to purification of peptides and proteins.  

  • Peptides desalting
  • Purification of peptides and proteins

Technical parameters:

  • Flow rate: isocratic peristaltic pump 0-50 ml/min (in options 250 ml/min)
  • Detector: 254 nm (in options DAD 200-600nm)
  • Voltage: 110-230V

Kit content:

  • FPLC chromatograph with one pump
  • Detector
  • Tablet with LP-Chrom software (version for FPLC)
  • Power supply wiring system
  • User manual


  • Base (stainless steel) with 2 rods for columns mounting 
  • Glass chromatography column
  • Fraction collector (3 models are available)
  • Free-standing stand for the column
  • Computer or laptop as control unit